Anhinga with Fish

Bringing Home the Fish: Oops!

Usually Anhinga eat the fish they catch while they are swimming, often executing some intricate fish flipping maneuvers to get the fish in position to swallow head first.  Occasionally, I have seen them get out of the water and beat the fish for awhile, although I’m not sure why. The fish looks dead with that sharp beak speared through it. Sometimes it appears the fish is stuck and at this time of year they may be on their way to the nest with it. No matter the reason, it is an activity that comes with risk.

Anhinga Swimming with Fish
Anhinga Swimming with Fish

This Anhinga swam thirty or forty feet to reach an alligator platform, then flapped and pulled himself out of the water.

Anhinga with Fish
Anhinga with Fish

Wack, wack, wack the fish.

Anhinga Wacking Fish
Anhinga Wacking Fish

Toss it into position.

Anhinga Tossing Fish
Anhinga Tossing Fish

Over the side it went, never to be seen by this bird again.

Where's My Fish?
Where’s My Fish?


5 thoughts on “Bringing Home the Fish: Oops!”

    1. Thanks, Donna. I’ve wondered if they learn to be more careful or are just destined to have some losses. I recently saw another Anhinga drop his fish only to have it snatched up by a Great Egret. I had to laugh.

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