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Swamp Walk

We have moved to South Carolina just in time to see the end of the nesting season at the Magnolia Plantation rookeries. Little Blue Herons  feed their young, which are nearly as big as the adults, in an awkward, wing flapping, spectacle.


These Great Egrets were resting quietly in the heat of the day. Their nest doesn’t look like it will hold them in as the alligators patrol in the swamp below.


I heard some jaw snapping but didn’t see this gator get a meal. They are moving much faster than when we visited this area over the winter.


A juvenile Heron watched warily from his perch.


Marsh Variety

On a return trip to the Audubon Garden at Magnolia Plantation I was able to focus more on the non-heron activity. Their nesting activity was still amazing to watch, but these birds also caught my eye.


A number of Blue-winged Teals were zipping about, mostly ignoring the Red-Shouldered Hawks watching from the trees.


This Ruby-crowned Kinglet was one of a variety of elusive small birds darting through the thick underbrush.


On this visit the only Woodpecker I saw was this Red-bellied, nicely offset by the Spanish Moss.


Turkey Vulture at the River

I startled this vulture as he was feeding on a dead fish washed up at a boat landing on the Wando River. This, of course, startled me. Vultures are abundant near Charleston, SC, but this is the first one I’ve seen with his toes in the water.


Similar to the Black Vultures, the Turkey Vulture is elegant in flight.


He swooped up to a nearby dock waiting for me to move on.