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Great Blue Heron Stick Flight

The flying is easy in the open as the male Great Blue Herons bring sticks to their mates.

Great Blue Heron bringing sticks to nest

Until they get close in.

Great Blue Heron bringing sticks to nest

Maneuvering around the trees that support their nests is a bit tricky. Sometimes they circle around several times before attempting a landing.

Great Blue Heron bringing sticks to nest

The mate keeps a watchful eye.


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Magnolia Plantation Audubon Swamp, 01/11/2017.


Great Blue Heron – A Portrait Session

Not  classic Heron poses, and leaning toward the comical, this Great Blue kept me entertained for quite awhile on a recent afternoon. These shots reminded me of some people I know that are reluctant to have their picture taken.

First we take care of the itch.

Great Blue Heron at Magnolia Plantation

Then a few vocal protests.


What’s a photo shoot without a photo bomb?


Finally, settled for the pose, neck tucked back down looking like a scarf in the breeze, a very elegant result.

Great Blue Heron

Interesting that the black patches are much more pronounced in the Great Blue Herons around Magnolia Plantation the last few weeks.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

This little fellow caught my attention as he flitted in a small tree at the edge of a swamp on the Ashley River at Magnolia Plantation.


Hardly a gnat, his catch was pretty good sized.


The coloring made me think he was a Tufted TItmouse, but in profile I could see he was tuftless and he did have more of a “jaunty” tail, as described by Cornell’s All About Birds.


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