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American Avocet

The colors and upturned bill makes the American Avocet an easy ID.

American Avocets

Getting a good photograph across the mud flats of this impoundment at Bear Island Wildlife Management area was another story.

American Avocet – click photo for larger view

This single one ventured closer to the edge, co-mingling with Plovers, Sanderlings, Willets and the other shore birds working the shallow water.

Shore Birds Working the Mud Flats

Bear Island Wildlife Management Area, SC, 4/26/2017.

Spring is for Lambs

New lambs have arrived at the Middleton Place barnyard. Cute is the only word for them. Ranging from one day to one week old, these lambs were in a pen with their mothers, all trying to figure out how the world works.

Pardon me while I squeeze under you – click photo for larger view

The whole group was in constant motion and regrettably I should have taken these shots at a faster shutter speed.

Lambs at Middleton Place – click photo for larger view

In the photo below the youngest lamb, in the back, is less than 24 hours old. The three in the middle, perhaps triplets,  mostly stuck together and practiced their “bahhing” for awhile.

Lambs – click photo for larger view

A pair of farm workers were making some repairs to the pen, probably to prevent escapes under the fence by the new tiny occupants. The little guy below was most interested in what they were up to.

Inquisitive lamb – click photo for larger view

This mother sheep had plenty to say, too.

Bleeting Sheep
Bleeting Sheep – click photo for larger view

The farm’s adult sheep are looking a little bedraggled and will be shorn this weekend.

Middleton Place Barnyard, SC, May 1, 2017.

A Dash of Color

Iris in all sorts of colors are thriving around the swamp where I photograph the wading birds. This is some distance from the cultivated gardens and I’ve wondered if they were planted intentionally or just happened via a happy accident. Regardless, its a nice surprise to happen upon them.

Purple iris
White iris with yellow accent
Deep purple iris with yellow accent
Iris with cob web strands

Popping Poppies

We had just had a hard late season frost so I was quite surprised to see these brilliant poppies in full bloom along my path.

The blooms were dancing in a light breeze, the full sun highlighting the colors.

A bee filled his pollen sacks with seemingly little effort, gliding around in the flower cup.

It was worth the stop and delay in getting to my destination.

Edge of a Mill Pond

The resident birds of an old mill pond in Maine that we discovered by accident entertained us along with their human neighbor who stopped by nightly as part of his evening ambulation.

A pair of Canada Geese patrolled the shore.


A Gull that seemed to be having fun playing in the water, back and forth near the dam’s edge.


A surprisingly peaceful Canada Goose vs Mallard interaction.


Near Freeport, Maine, May 2016.